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Peak District WITHOUT kids: experiences for parents only

Peak District WITHOUT kids: experiences for parents only

Whilst Peak District Kids is all about providing inspiration and guides for families adventuring in the Peak District, sometimes parents need time out without the kids. Time to reconnect with each other and/or yourself away from the kids and have conversations beyond the logistics of running kids around to various clubs.

We get it. Those dates for just the two of you are far and few between. Or perhaps you’re a single parent who wants to catch up with a friend or just enjoy uninterrupted quiet time someplace special. When the opportunity finally arises, you want to make the most of it!

So we’ve started compiling some articles to share some inspiration for how to spend that rare kid-free day, or if you’re super lucky, an overnight stay.

I know lots of our readers like to follow one of our family walks if they have a spare kid-free day, or perhaps venture up Kinder Scout. These walks aren’t really just for kids; in fact all parents know how different a walk can be without them 😉.

But if you’re looking for an experience that you can’t normally do with the kids (we’re thinking spa days, luxury hotels, and fine dining) then we’re got some ideas just for you.