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A circular Longnor walk through working farms (3.3km)

A circular Longnor walk through working farms (3.3km)

This relatively flat, circular Longnor walk is away from the tourist hotspots, across classic White Peak farmland, and takes you right through working farms. It’s one of our quiet Peak District walks as you are unlikely to see many others on this walk (although you’re guaranteed to see lots of sheep and cows!)

As you walk through the farmyards, please stick to the footpaths and pass through quietly; these are working farms, with machinery, farming products, and livestock around. There are obvious safety hazards, but it goes without saying, stick to the path and don’t let your kids play on the machinery. Also, the footpaths can get muddy around the farms when it’s been raining.

This Longnor walk is very easy-going and takes around 1.5 hours with kids (longer if they want to play at the River Manifold). Reward your efforts with a stop at Ye Olde Cheshire Cheese afterwards (there is a small beer garden, kids and dogs are welcome), or a hot chocolate and one of the cafes around the market square.

If you are planning a visit to the National Park, please arrive early or late in the day to avoid crowds. Please also take all litter home with you, don’t bring BBQs and park your car in designated parking areas. Also, please use these walks as a guide; access and stiles may change.

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Longnor walk map

On all Peak District family walks it’s a good idea to have an Ordnance Survey paper map with you, even if you have your phone on you. For this walk you need the OS Explorer Active Map OL24 (White Peak). It’s also a good opportunity to show young kids the map features and get them started with map reading.

The route directions below follow this map in an anti-clockwise direction, starting from Longnor Market Square (between Cobbles Café and the Longnor Fish and Chips).

Longnor walk OS Map

Need to know


TYPE OF WALK: a relatively flat, circular walk across farmland

PARKING: Free parking at Longnor Market Square (between Cobbles Café and the Longnor Fish and Chips). There is also parking behind Ye Olde Cheshire Cheese (for patrons only).

WALK HIGHLIGHTS: Seeing sheep and cows, walking through working farms, River Manifold, and a quiet walk where you’re unlikely to see many other hikers.

HOW LONG DOES IT TAKE:  Without kids, this is a 45 min walk, but with young kids allow a minimum of 1.5 hours.

ACCESSIBILTY: This walk is not pram or wheelchair friendly. There are a lot of stiles and gates to pass through. None of the stiles are particularly steep, but a couple of the squeeze stiles are rather tight. We last did this walk in May 2021, and found that the gate was locked at the farm at Crofts Farm. This shouldn’t be locked as it’s a public right of way. We checked with staff at the farm and they were happy for us to climb over the gate.

TOTAL ASCENT: 69 metres

PUBLIC TOILETS: There are public toilets at the market square in Longnor, where this walk begins and ends.

Longnor Market Square parking

The route

This route description follows the above OS map in an anti-clockwise direction.

1. Start from the market square in Longnor village. With your back to the carpark, take a left and walk along the pavement past the fish and chip shop and Ye Olde Cheshire Cheese.

Longnor walk

2. 50 metres along the road from the pub there is a footpath on your right. Take this footpath and walk through Folds End farm, veering left and following the footpath signs.

3. Walk through the metal gate next to the cow shed, and take the footpath to the right that leads you to a wooden gate and a stile.

Longnor walk

4. Once you’re through the gate, take the footpath pointing right that leads down the hill to the River Manifold. Walk through the first squeeze stile and then veer left to the next squeeze stile. The River Manifold will be on your right.

Longnor walk

5. Continue walking straight ahead. You will walk though one wooden gate, over a small wooden footbridge, then two more wooden gates.

6. 140 metres after the last wooden gate, a stone column (1 metre high) marks where you turn left. Follow the gravel footpath for 250 metres to Over Boothlow Farm.

Longnor walk

7. Follow the gravel path around to the left (ignore the lane on the right). Then just past the farm buildings you will see a yellow arrow footpath marker on your right. Walk through this gate and cross the field to the stone stile.

8. You are now making your way back towards Longnor. Continue the footpath straight ahead, keeping left to the building shown in the photo below.

Longnor walk

9. In the next field, the footpath keeps right next to the drystone wall. The stile to the next field is just hidden in the corner behind the bushes (you will spot it as you get closer).

10. Continue walking straight ahead. But as you approach the Crofts Farm, there is a yellow arrow marking where you need to cross a stile on the left to walk on the other side of the wall.

11. At the farm house buildings, veer right and walk up to the metal gate (to the left of the farm buildings). We last did this walk in May 2021, and found that this gate was locked. This shouldn’t be locked as it’s a public right of way. We checked with staff at the farm and they were happy for us to climb over the gate.

12. Take the footpath on the left almost immediately after the gate. Follow this straight ahead, back towards Longnor, shortly arriving back at Folds End Farm. Retrace your steps back to the car park.

After your Longnor walk

Enjoy a bite to eat at the characterful Ye Olde Cheshire Cheese (there is a small beer garden, and kids and dogs are welcome), or a hot chocolate and one of the cafes around the market square.

Ye Old Cheshire Cheese pub Longnor

There is also a fantastic playground in Longnor, just behind Longnor Primary School and the Fire Station. This is a lovely spot with gorgeous views. There’s a zip wire here, and older kids will love the climbing cube. For a small village, this really is a great little playground, and is featured as one of the best Peak District playgrounds.

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